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  4. Numerology for Muammar al-Gaddafi
  5. The Meaning of Number 20

The numbers reveal tendencies for certain types of things to exist or happen. Master numbers will be published on the calendar when relevant. Read about how to determine when a master number is a master number. In essence, when the life path number or at least one of the three major name numbers is a master number then printing the master numbers on the personal day calendar is relevant. Each personal day calendar generation is for one calendar month.

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Up to 12 individual calendar months of personal day numbers can be generated. The interpretations below the calendar are a synopsis of the tendencies or resonance most likely to be present for certain personal day numbers.

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The interpretations also may be consulted to determine the best personal day number for special occasions or other events or plans that have personal significance. When the number is determined, the personal day calendar can be consulted to see which days will have that personal day number.

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    Every year the calendar changes, your personal numerology changes too!

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    Numerology for Muammar al-Gaddafi

    The email address just now typed in is already subscribed. This number directly reflects his Day of Birth, the 7 th of June. Every number has a positive and a shadow side. In the negative, 18 symbolizes materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature. When 18 appears in a person's death, it can show martyrdom, a savior complex and a strong possibility of making money through conflict, social upheaval or war.

    This number describes a person who is associated with revolutions and uprisings.

    The Meaning of Number 20

    So, it is likely that Gaddafi's whereabouts were exposed by an ally. This connection is very important as it shows that Libya came full circle from the birth of the country's freedom movement in February an 18 Personal Month for Gaddafi , to the death of the dictator who kept Libya enslaved for so long another 18 Personal Month for Gaddafi. Gaddafi's birthday, 6.

    Birthday Numbers - 2 & 20 - What Are Your Gifts and Talents? (Numerology Decoded)

    This shows two things:. Finally, a note on Gaddafi's name — a highly challenging number. Hosni Mubarak has the same name number.

    What Is Personal Day Number?

    Be sure you are in the room for that segment — the Astro-Numerology is incredibly potent next year! Love and Blessings,.